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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

SCOM - Putting Systems in Maintenance Mode through Citrix

One of the goals I have is to give the ability of application developers and other individuals the ability to put their systems into maintenance mode without necessarily having to access the Management Console directly or get me involved. When they do code updates or other system maintenance, it is handy to give them a quick and basic way to put their systems into maintenance. Additionally, there are times where it is nice to have the ability to put systems into maintenance mode from a cell phone, tablet or other device from a remote location, which is where Citrix comes in handy. Basically, I put the following code into a file and publish that script through Citrix to the users that may need it.

Here is the script:

# Enter the FQDN of your SCOM management server in this variable
$RMSFQDN = "my-managementserver.mydomain.internal"

# Enter the internal DNS suffix for your environment
$DNS = "mydomain.internal"

$Name = "Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.OperationsManager.Client"

$ModuleLoaded = Get-Pssnapin $Name -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue

If (-not $ModuleLoaded)
add-pssnapin "Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.OperationsManager.Client";

New-ManagementGroupConnection -ConnectionString $RMSFQDN
Set-Location "OperationsManagerMonitoring::";

$startTime = [System.DateTime]::Now

# You can change the default time for how long systems should be in maintenance
$Hours = 3

$endTime = $startTime.AddHours($Hours)

$comment = "Computer Maintenance"

While ( ($computerPrincipalName -ne "done") -or ($computerPrincipalName -ne "Done") )
 $computerClass = get-monitoringclass -name:Microsoft.SystemCenter.ManagedComputer
 $computerPrincipalName = Read-Host "Enter the computer name to put into maintenance (enter 'done' to finish maintenance mode)"
 $computerCriteria = "PrincipalName='" + $computerPrincipalName + "." + $DNS + "'"
 write-host $computerPrincipalName
 $computer = get-monitoringobject -monitoringclass:$computerClass -criteria:$computerCriteria

 if($computer -eq $null)
  $unixClass = get-monitoringclass -name "Microsoft.Unix.Computer"
  $monObject = Get-MonitoringObject -monitoringclass:$unixClass
  $computer = $monObject | where {$_.displayname -eq $computerPrincipalName}
  $computerClass = get-monitoringclass -name:Microsoft.Windows.Computer
  $computer = get-monitoringobject -monitoringclass:$computerClass -criteria:$computerCriteria
 if($computer.InMaintenanceMode -eq $false)
  "Putting " + $computerPrincipalName + " into maintenance mode"
  New-MaintenanceWindow -startTime:$startTime -endTime:$endTime -comment:$comment -monitoringObject:$computer
stop-process -Id $PID

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